A Moonshot for LBx: NCI RCT Would Separate MCED Winners & Losers

Liquid biopsy developers have reasons to be both excited and cautious of plans by the Biden administration to study multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests as part of an updated Cancer Moonshot initiative. In a co-authored report to clients, Sasha Simpson (Health Policy) and Jack Meehan (Life Science Tools & Diagnostics) discussed in detail the implications of the moonshot initiative and a recent RFI from the National Cancer Institute for a large scale RCT clinical study to validate MCED tests. The report also provided our outlook for coverage of MCED tests by Medicare, congressional funding for the Moonshot endeavor, and which companies we view as winners and losers long-term, dictated by the quality of clinical data and commercial capabilities. info@nephronresearch.com for more information about working with Nephron Research.