Nephron Research Pandemic Editions

From all of us at Nephron, we wish you and your family safe navigation of the pandemic including superior hygiene, productively occupied children, well-stocked pantry shelves and diversely contented hunkering.

For our part, we understand that your investment process continues and see this as a particularly critical time to partner with our clients and add value.  Over the last few days, we’ve rolled out the first few of a number of products aimed at cutting through the considerable noise in the market right now:

  • Friday, March 13th – Interest Rate Impacts on Health Insurers –  Raskin and team examine the very short-term benefit of lower interest rates for managed care names (lower yields create larger unrealized gains – which can be realized) that is then met with a longer-term risk (around reinvestment and then investment income levels).
  • Sunday, March 15th – COVID-19 Daily Tracker – An “evolving” daily product focused on the latest trends and data available. We include some national prevalence data for context, but then focus on geographical concentrations and the impact on our facilities based coverage universe, as well as Medicare Advantage concentrations for the health plans (we only expect material impacts on the Senior populations for the health plans).
  • Sunday, March 15th – Ask What You Can Do for Your Country: Healthcare Private Sector Expands COVID-19 Response – Percher and team examine: 1) the role of the pharma supply chain in enabling near-term expansion of COVID-19 testing; 2) the potential role of CDC Vaccines for Children program partner McKesson in enabling an eventual COVID-19 vaccine in mid to late 2021; and 3) the near to mid-term impact of demand and price dynamics on distributor and pharmacy financial results.

We’re just getting started and see our nimble platform and decades of experience (and data) as particularly applicable to this period. for more information.