Better Research Product by Design

Nephron Research was formed with the simple thesis that an independent research entity will be able to provide a better research product. The Firm currently does not, and has no future plans to, provide ancillary services to the buyside including trading, capital market activities, and investment banking.  Again, Nephron was formed to produce only equity research and research services to assist in the investment process of its clients. Our team sees an opportunity to serve our clients better.  More specifically, we offer:

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An Independent Model

At Nephron, we focus solely on healthcare investment research, unencumbered by the potential conflicts of interest that weigh on the traditional research models.  We believe this is a structurally superior and more efficient model for equity research.

Deeper Resources, More Efficient Distribution

The traditional sell side model supports a wide array of services and clients. Our move to a subscription-based model focused solely on research for a more limited client base serve to dramatically increase the resources we can dedicate to activities we believe further our clients’ investment process.  The result is a team-based primary and "bottoms up" research process with no silos, more novel data acquisition and analysis, greater client engagement, and a superior corporate access offering.

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Tiered and Transparent Pricing

We are structured to provide tiered levels of products and services, depending on the needs of our specific clients. We believe that this flexibility for our clients will be very helpful over time as research needs change over time. Additionally, our pricing model contrasts meaningfully with the typical bundle of traditional bank services.

A Commitment to Compliance

Alongside our commitment to innovative approaches to primary research comes a commitment to robust compliance processes.  Our internal CCO, Tim Biggins, is supported by a custom compliance framework as  constructed by our contracted vendor, Constellation Advisors LLC as well as through the outside legal counsel of Lowenstein Sandler LLP.


More Information

Get in touch with us for additional information on subscription plans and pricing.