The Dawn of Physician Enablement and the Path to Value Based Care Symposium – September 23rd, 2021

The Dawn of Physician Enablement and the Path to Value Based Care – A Symposium by Nephron Research

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Virtual Panels and 1x1s Available: 8:30am – 3:00pm ET

Companies of interest: AGL, Aledade, ALHC, Babylon, BHG, CANO, CMAX, ClareMedica, HUM, OSH, P3 Health, Pearl Health, PRVA and Others

For information on how to attend, email:

Back in January, we published a comprehensive review of the new and growing world of Physician Enablement.  Our thesis was simple:

“The next era of healthcare will be defined by the trend of physician enablement. We see the management of health, with the physician at the center, as leading to the holy grail of healthcare: better outcomes, lower costs and higher patient and provider satisfaction. This is a movement defined less by structure (i.e. clinic vs health insurance vs tech centric models) and more by method, with value created by providing physicians with the tools necessary to adopt and manage risk. Ultimately, we believe that the companies empowering physician enablement present an investment opportunity in healthcare services not seen in decades.”

Since that time, we have only strengthened our convictions. There have been numerous companies come to the public markets, with many more coming in the near term. We believe that investors have an imperative to increase their understanding of  this emerging sector.  This symposium is focused on explaining the industry and the significant opportunities ahead.

Topics we will cover:

  • Understanding the power of a center based model for care delivery
  • How can physician enablement be accomplished through technology
  • How aligned care can alter the direction of traditional health insurance
  • The creation of new value from the established payors
  • The Private Equity View of Physician Enablement

Confirmed companies include:

  • Agilon Health
  • Aledade
  • Alignment Healthcare
  • Babylon
  • Bright Health Group
  • Caremax
  • Cano Health
  • ClareMedica
  • Humana
  • Oak Street Health
  • P3 Health
  • Pearl Health
  • Privia Health

With others coming…