340B Court Case Note Highlights Nephron Depth & Breadth on Topic

This AM, Nephron’s Paul Heldman treated subscribers to an update on the state of play of 340B contract pharmacy and Medicare Part B drug reimbursement court cases amid continued headwinds for the pharmacies as the drug makers and Biden administration ignore lower court rulings during appellate consideration.  Our clients know that when Nephron addresses a topic, we tend to go DEEP.  As proof of our breadth as well, Paul from Health Policy, Eric Percher in the Drug Supply Chain, and Josh Raskin in Payors & Providers have all addressed 340B in their work.  A quick scan of Nephron’s library shows no fewer than 67 notes this year ALONE which address the 340B program.  Just a few of them are catalogued below.  Please email info@nephronresearch.com for more on 340B and Nephron Research.