A Wal-Mart Flavored Easter for Humana Investors

Late last week the WSJ broke news that sent the healthcare services (and consumer broadlines) investors on a bit of a strategic Easter Egg Hunt with speculation of  Walmart and Humana in discussions on a range of potential options to work closer together, up and to including an acquisition of Humana.  Team Raskin responded quickly with a note titled: Walmart Showing Managed Care Interest (Again) and Proving Thesis on Retail Health, which included observations on these discussions, as well as for other companies beyond those involved in these discussions.  He speaks to motivations – both positive and negative , potential benefits, risks involved and much more.  As the title suggests the events play right into Josh’s 12/1 launch thesis and report: The Transformative Effects of Retail Health.

Eric Percher quickly followed from the drug supply chain with Does Walmart’s Interest in Humana Represent Risk for Distributors, Pressure for Amazon? which addresses potential  pharma  supply  chain implications,  particularly for  the  pharmaceutical  wholesalers  serving  Walmart  (McKesson)  and Humana (AmerisourceBergen), and the ongoing debate around Amazon’s potential entry.

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