March Musings: Community Oncology Event Highlights Busy Month of Research

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March Research Highlights

Health Policy
340B Final Judgment in AZN Lawsuit
Skin Substitutes Medicare Pay Risk
Radiation Oncology: Changes Coming to Mandatory Medicare Mode
Alzheimer’s Drugs (BIIB &¬†LLY) Medicare Coverage Decision
DME Medicare Pay Outlook, Comp Bidding

Tools & Dx:
ILMN: ‘444 Patent Note & Element Bio Competition Note
Tools M&A: Reflecting on History To Understand Future Deals

Digital Health & Pharma Supply Chain
February Gx / Bx Price Auditor ** see below**
Managed Care & Providers
1Q22 Previewing The Previews
UNH & CHNG Analysis

Selected Upcoming Events

China Diagnostics Update KOL Call:
Jack will be joined by two experts to provide on-the-ground views of what is happening in the China market for diagnostics testins

Legends of Life Sciences: Peer Schatz, Former CEO of Qiagen (QGEN)
Peer will join us to discuss all things Tools & Diagnostics

AGBT 2022 Updates on Next-Gen Sequencing Innovation & Genomics Technologies
Dr. Nial Lennon of the Broad Institute will join us to discuss NIH’s All of Us Program, analyze the latest product updates in genomics, to talk changes in the competitive environment for sequencing and to go over emerging areas of investment with single cell & spatial research

Recent Events

Community Oncology Symposium
*Replay Available* Eric Percher hosted experts from IQV, the Community Oncology Alliance, Oncology Consultants, Texas Oncology, Carolina Blood & Care, UPMC and the National Cancer Treatment Alliance. The event was of particular interest to those focused on drug distributors, PBM’s and drug manufacturers.

Legends & Innovators Series: Dale Wolf
Dale is the former CEO of both Coventry Healthcare and One Call Medicaid. His resume also includes current board member at Molina and eHealth. He joined us to provide unique perspective on all things healthcare.

Biopharma Services KOL Call
Jack hosted experts Richard Panico (Symbio) and John Diaz (GeoSera Consulting) for an update on the latest trends in biopharma services with a focus on the Tools & Diagnostics.


Jack Looks at Historical Cash Deployed In Tools M&A