Med Tech and Healthcare Services Matchmaker – 10 Deal Ideas for 2024

For many years now, Chris Pasquale has published a matchmaker note on Valentine’s Day identifying the best potential combinations in the Med Tech space.  He’s out today with five fresh hypothetical pairings that he believes make sense from a strategic perspective.

Some context from Chris’ note: The past three years have seen a surge in Med Tech M&A activity, with 2021-2023 ranking as the top three years for overall transactions in our database going back to 2006. That busy deal-making environment kicked off in a challenging macro landscape, as volatile procedure volumes, ramping inflationary pressures, and fragile supply chains in 2021-2022 gave executives plenty of internal stumbling blocks to overcome even as they kept an eye out for external opportunities. Macro conditions have gotten significantly more favorable over the past 12-18 months, and enter 2024 as constructive as they’ve been since the pandemic began (see our recent Med Tech Macro Index report). Combined with small-cap valuations that are down sharply from their 2021 highs and an IPO window that remains largely shut, we see fertile conditions for continued M&A.

For those keeping score, Chris notes 8 Matchmaker alumni acquired (out of 20 unique targets proposed) since he began this annual thought exercise back in 2018.

In a NEW development this year, the Healthcare Services team of Josh Raskin and Eric Percher saw the success of Chris’ matchmaker exercise and got….well…a little jealous.  So not to be outdone, the services team is also out today with their OWN matchmaker exercise detailing five hypothetical “matches” across the Healthcare Services landscape.

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