The Dawn of Physician Enablement: Defining Healthcare in the 2020s

In keeping with Nephron’s goal of tackling healthcare’s toughest questions and analyzing its most important trends, the team released an initial 88 page report on Physician Enablement sector this evening, setting the foundation for a series of pieces on what we see as the defining healthcare trend of the 2020’s.

The Nephron Thesis: The next era of healthcare will be defined by the trend of physician enablement. We see the management of health, with the physician at the center, as leading to the holy grail of healthcare: better outcomes, lower costs and higher patient and provider satisfaction. This is a movement defined less by structure (i.e. clinic vs health insurance vs tech centric models) and more by method, with value created by providing physicians with the tools necessary to adopt and manage risk. Ultimately, we believe that the companies empowering physician enablement present an investment opportunity in healthcare services not seen in decades.

In our initial report on the topic, we aimed to:

  • Introduce and define the physician enablement sector, a movement that puts the physician at the center with systems, technologies and capabilities to surround those physicians, enabling the capture of value through risk bearing arrangements.
  • Explain the factors that are leading to significant growth, including the motivations for payors to push this forward (i.e. working with, not against, physician enablers), as well as the financial incentives for the primary care physician.
  • Present a financial model to value a covered/attributed life, wherein we explain how patients are 5x more valuable to an enabled physician than a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Review the characteristics of the primary care physician marketplace, examining company attributes and sizing and exploring approaches to technology and population health.
  • Present a market model sizing the total addressable market, by segment, where we estimate a total physician enablement market opportunity of $1.9 trillion today, growing at >6% annually to arrive at $3.5 trillion by 2030.
  • Conduct a competitive landscape analysis, including company specific reviews of 15 companies, both public and private. These company sections include an overview, team and governance reviews, technology assessment, and a more detailed explanation of the operating model.

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