TWIPE? This Week in Physician Enablement – San Fran Edition

Last week, Josh Raskin and team debuted their weekly TWIPE product or “This Week in Physician Enablement”.  And while the name has garnered…mixed…reviews, the report itself has received much more favorable treatment owing to the importance of this emerging sector for healthcare investors.  As Josh said WAY back in January of ’21:

“The next era of healthcare will be defined by the trend of physician enablement. We see the management of health, with the physician at the center, as leading to the holy grail of healthcare: better outcomes, lower costs and higher patient and provider satisfaction. This is a movement defined less by structure (i.e. clinic vs health insurance vs tech centric models) and more by method, with value created by providing physicians with the tools necessary to adopt and manage risk. Ultimately, we believe that the companies empowering physician enablement present an investment opportunity in healthcare services not seen in decades.”

Its a conversational look at the news, events, stock moves and other items that occur during the week.  This week’s edition was beefy given the conference out west and included:

  • CVS’ interest (maybe) in Oak Street
  • Spotlight on an article focused on events actually running counter to the Physician Enablement movement
  • Flu Data
  • A renewed focus on cohort analyses (see chart)
  • Commentary on Alignment, Carbon Health, Monogram as well as Aledade newsflow.
  • Weekly comp and valuation commentary

And while certainly a work in progress, its emblematic of Josh and Nephron Research’s efforts to focus investors on what’s important and to provide in-depth analyses for those areas where our clients are already “doing the work”.  Reach out to for access to Nephron Research, and of course, the weekly TWIPE!