Welcome to Nephron Research LLC

Welcome! Today is an exciting day for the team at Nephron Research LLC as we launch our newly-formed independent approach to healthcare investment research.

The story of Nephron is the story of seven healthcare research nerds in search of a better model for producing insights to aid in their client’s investment process. We looked high and low for an organization or platform that could cut through the inefficiencies and conflicts of the traditional broker-based model but found nothing that suited us and so we decided to create our own platform – the result is Nephron Research.

At the core of the Nephron model is a greater focus on the production of content inclusive of both research and events. By eliminating a significant amount of time that was spent on non-research value added services, we believe that the team at Nephron can spend more time producing higher quality written work and models as well as servicing the client. The goal is not revolution but evolution: to improve upon our historical research practice and product in partnership with our investor clients. No one at Nephron is superfluous to the production of research and no time is scheduled for non-valued added activities. We will wake up thinking about research and sleep when we are convinced that we have helped our clients.

We see immediate opportunities but recognize we will need to learn as we go, evolving as we refine the research model. We are counting you, our client partners, to help with that learning process.

Here we go!

Josh, Eric, Tim, Clayton, Dolph, Mary and Rachana