A Truly Collaborative and Multi-Dimensional View of CVS/AET

One of the things that excited us about starting Nephron was the opportunity to truly work cross-sector and add some much-needed depth and perspective to street research. Collaboration is our starting point and we relish the opportunity to work together (we even enjoy each other’s company). We were put to the test early with the announcement of CVS’ proposed acquisition of AET. True to form, the team was out with early reads on the deal including:

The Tortoise and the Care: CVS Health to Acquire Aetna
Four Important Takeaways From the CVS-AET Call

And realizing this is a complex (and evolving) situation with plenty of nuance, Eric and Josh followed with four separate deep-dives into particular aspects of the deal over the past week:

CVS/AET Analysis #1: Market Share Informs Antitrust & Synergy Expectations
CVS/AET Analysis #2: A Pharmacy & PBM Investor’s Guide to MCOs/Aetna
CVS/AET Analysis #3: Care Delivery and Analytics Assets
CVS/AET Analysis #4: Competitive Implications for Healthcare Services

The goal continues to be to build the best possible research product to benefit our clients’ investment process. We’re encouraged by the early returns and look forward to delivering even more!  Email info@nephronresearch.com for more information.