Winner, Winner…

We, at Nephron Research, would have you believe that we are singularly focused on adding value to our clients’ research process….the reality is that’s just not true. We do have a few outside interests including our competitive bar trivia team, “Scroll Down for Dolph”. Keep an eye out for us at NoMad bar trivia nights. More recently, we’ve become close followers of the trivia app HQ. Maybe you know it. Every day at 3 PM and 9 PM, you and a few hundred thousand of your friends can try to answer twelve questions – anyone who can answer all 12, divvies up a varying prize pool. We’re proud to report that the team has two recent winners in Rachana and Mary – very exciting, indeed.

You know what else is exciting? Nephron’s 2018 Healthcare Services Outlook last Friday. Published just prior to major conference events this week, we sent our clients out West with ~240 data rich slides to set the tone for the year and supplemented that with a cross-sector conference call which hit on major healthcare services topics, themes, and individual company thoughts. NEXT, we hosted a private equity panel and got some color on what its like to compete with UNH for assets, retail health momentum, as well as thoughts on a solution set for inpatient hospitals, HCIT deal prices, and managing the VBR shift. NEXT, We continued our work on CVS/AET by publishing our 5th piece in the series, this one focused on read-throughs from the S-4.

We have another busy month of events coming up including meetings (up next is Nitin Sahney, former CEO of Omnicare on the 17th). Lots going on here at Nephron Research, reach out to for details.